Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This website has so much information! I browsed many sites and found good information and news. Del.icio.us is one more website that is attempting to make the Internet easier and more convenient. Again, everything you need is located in one place. This website definitely has potential to be used as a research tool. Students and teachers can use del.icio.us to mark various different websites and share them amongst each other. By sharing the same information, everyone can learn the exact same information that way no ones gets lost in the process. Teachers can also monitor what their students are viewing online and to check if the information they are receiving online is accurate. Del.icio.us is also a great way to mark all your bookmarks and keep them easily accessible. Whether you are a teacher, student or just someone who enjoys browsing the web, the convenience of keeping all of your bookmarks close and organized in a neat fashion, is appealing to all. Although, I do not feel that my current bookmarking page needs additional changes or the use of Del.icio.us. I am comfortable using my bookmarking page for my personal uses. But, I could utilize Del.icio.us as an educational tool for my athletic training students. I could post links for my students to view and use a discussion topics in class.

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