Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Athletic Trainer: Smooth Professional

I thought this video was corny but AWESOME!!! It gives a small glimpse into our daily lives as Certified Athletic Trainers. Youtube is a guilty pleasure for most people. Many times I have been called into a office to look at a Youtube video just for fun. I must admit, it is very entertaining but it can also be educational. I have found many self-help type videos that have been very helpful. One of Youtube's downfalls is that is has so many videos and topics that a person could get distracted from their original task. Youtube can be used as an educational tool just like it has been for our current classes at FPU. Having a step-by-step and informational videos pertaining to our classes has been an asset and is another way teachers can utilize the Internet and its sources for continuing education.

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  1. Yeh it was a little corny but made me laugh too. I liked it and will use it as an introduction to my care & prevention class.